The dark side of Delft tour
The dark side of Delft tour

The dark side of Delft tour

Lovers of creepy tours? This is your chance to discover the dark side of Delft.

The 17th century is known as the Dutch Golden Age, but definitely not to everyone. What if your husband or father died on a long journey to the East?

What to do when you had aching teeth?

What happened exactly to the murderer of William of Orange? And what about other criminals? What was their final destination?

Get to know the dark side of living in one of Holland's most beautiful cities.

On request a visit to the former prison 'Het Steen' and its torture room can be added to this tour (only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

Day and departure

Anytime, anyday!


1 hr or 1.5 hrs

Number of participants

max. 10 per guide


€ 75 per guide for 1 hr

€ 100 per guide for 1.5 hrs

€ 0.00