Groups are offered a great variety in programmes and guided city walks.  Our enthusiastic and professional guides speak Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Russian. We also offer Delft souvernirs.

Guided City walks Delft

Book a private guide any day, any time! Join our local guide and be surprised by Delft's history, gorgeous buildings and beautiful canals.

Delft Winter tours for groups

Discover Delft in Winter time together with your colleagues or friends!

Vermeer city walk

A guided Vermeer City Walk takes you to the church in Delft where Vermeer was baptized, the place where his cradle stood, where he lived and where he was buried.

Charity court tour

Several charming charity courts are hidden in Delft. Discover them with our guide! 

Delft food and walking tours

Delft happen, stappen en trappen, maar vooral genieten!

Smikkelen en smullen, happen en stappen of trappen, culinaire wandeling, hoe u het ook noemt, ook zo kunt u Delft ontdekken.

Delicious Delft Tour

Explore the monumental buildings, picturesque canals, the small streets and unique shops with Delft specialties and enjoy several small on-the-go tastings.

Guided Church Tours Delft

Visit our beautiful and famous churches with a guide and see more!

Daytrips for groups

For 15 years Happy Day Tours has been the booking office for day trips and guided city walks.

We do not only offer day trips in Delft, but also in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Win the Delft Game

Delft is your playground!

A game for smart and creative teamworkers

Workshops in Delft
Boat tours

Discover Delft from the water and make a (covered) canal boat tour through the gorgeous Delft canals. We offer boat trips combined with walking tours.

Delft Segway Tour

Discover Delft on a Segway!  After a short instruction and a bit of practice, you are ready to discover the historical city of Delft safe and relaxed. 

Exclusive Canal House Dinner

Exclusive Canal House Dinner including a short guided city walk. Brand new in Delft!

Happy Dinner Tour

A 3-course meal in 3 different restaurants connected by interesting walking tours with a local guide.

Delft Cycle Tours

Discover Delft and its surroundings by bike

With a local guide or

Do a scavenger hunt


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