The Delft specialist

Delft, city of Delft Blue, William of Orange, Vermeer, canal boat tours, trendy restaurants and shops. Travelling alone or with a group? Be surprised and experience Delft with Happy Day tours.

Walk In Tour, which gives you a first impression of Delft and various aspects of Dutch history in general

Bibberen van de kou of van de spanning? Ga mee met onze gids en ontdek niet alleen de prachtig versierde grachten, maar ook de donkere kant van Delft.

Group tours

Book a private guide any day, any time! Join our local guide and be surprised by Delft's history, gorgeous buildings and beautiful canals.

Group tour

Step into the Golden Age with Happy Day tours and meet the 17th century celebs


Autumn in Delft

In Autumn Delft is the place to be. Happy Day tours has a network of local guides who love to share Delft’s history but who will also give you insider tips.

Private guided tours are available any day, any time you like!

Prefer a join-in tour? Be our guest and join in our Saturday Delft city walk at 13.00 h. 


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